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May 21, 2010

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 38

Under the Greenwood Tree - Kim Thompsett -
Bonny Black Hare - Damh the Bard -
Interview with Rae Beth -
The Greenman and the Willow - Kim Thompsett -
Pagan Folk Against Fascism CD -
Willo Fae - The Dolmen -
DruidCast theme - Hills they are Hollow - Damh the Bard -
For further information on the Druid tradition -

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The girl is just fit about this character, who is unbelievable gorgeous, and some kind of wild thing. At the first time ,I thought the ordinary girl is just somebody ,I never think about she could be participate this show with such a long time ,she will become that awesome girls friend, but , thats also the special feature of this show, cause others will be freaked out when they seen things like this ,but she is not. She feel fun, she feel they should be great friend,. Nice.

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