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Jul 18, 2007

Welcome to DruidCast Episode 03!

In this podcast we feature excerpts from the Order’s Bardic audio course, an interview with New Zealand Druid Pamela Meekings-Stewart where we talk about Druidry in the Southern Hemisphere, plus lots of great music – see the credits below!

Arianrhod – Claire Hamilton
The Power of Story – Philip Carr-Gomm
Merlin am I – Damh the Bard
My Name is Lugh – Explorer
Linde von Bayeax – Corvi Ridentes
Must keep building roads – Tom Goddard
An Invocation of Awen – Paul Rouselle
Dark Lake – Claire Hamilton
Follow the Line – The Dolmen

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Son of Robinswood
fifteen and a half years ago

The music and words from these podcasts are an inspiration. Keep the Awen coming Damh

almost sixteen years ago

whooohooo! Yay Pamela! So wonderful to hear your voice with Damh the Bard! Making this truely an international gathering!

Another fantastic podcast! THANK YOU so much! So wonderful to hear all the fantastic artists that also feature on this podcast!

Oodles of Kiwi Blessings


fifteen and a half years ago

Great! Thank you, we are enjoying this at home and I have notified all my friends