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Jun 21, 2007

A Bardic Bonanza!

This is the second edition of DruidCast, the podcast brought to you by the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids. In this show we have live performances from some of the best of the UK's Bards recorded at the Order's Summer Gathering at Glastonbury Town Hall, 9th June 2007.

Arthur 'ZZ' Birmingham ( plays a Muddy Waters classic.

Keiron Sibley drums his 'Barefoot Boogie'.

Paul Mitchell ( plays a rousing rendition of the classic folk song John Barleycorn.

We have an exclusive interview with Druid Will Worthington, artist of the Druid Animal Oracle, the DruidCraft Tarot, and the forthcoming Druid Plant Oracle.

More music from Paul Newman ( and Damh the Bard ( A great performance from poet Liv Torc, and finishing with a song by Bard Rob Chapman (

Also there is the result of last month's book competition.

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fifteen and a half years ago

Absolutely fabulous, this is an inspiration and something to really look forward to - just as exciting as the \\\'brown envelope\\\' coming through the post!!! Love it!!

Prairie Kestrel
fifteen and a half years ago

I have been \'out of the loop\' for a bit and just discovered the podcasts today. What a treat! I think this is a fantastic idea, and one very well executed by Damh. I look forward to the next one!

Cheers from the Canadian Prairies!

fifteen and a half years ago

Awesome, I do love these podcasts! I only just noticed them today!

Thank you for doing these xD

fifteen and a half years ago

Yippeee! Another brilliant production. Awesome to hear William\\\'s interview too. And the music - wow!!!! We are truly blessed by all the talent that continues to bless us all!

Looking forward to the next one... More, more more! LOL!

blessings HawkT

fifteen and a half years ago

Another fantastic show Damh, great as before with a lot more fantastic content - really good show and I\\\'m so glad its doing well!

fifteen and a half years ago

And what a supprise! I had a nice little supprise in the post today... Druids by Ronald Hutton. Thanks so much, it looks like a fantastic book, and my bedtime reading for the next couple of weeks:D Nice one Damh, thanks! Keep up the good work and a fantastic show!

fifteen and a half years ago

Hi Damh !!!!!
Just listened to the first podcast !
Fabulous! A real treat to listen to after a day at the office. Thankyou so much for such a wonderful program. Going to listen to the June show later tonight! Blessings.