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Sep 18, 2007

DruidCast – A Druid Podcast Episode 05

The DruidCon 2007 Special.
Philip Carr-Gomm interviews Stephan Allen, Potia, Little Raven, Fionn Tulach and Syd Merle.
Cruel Sister – Kate Fletcher –
Mistletoe Foundation -
Their a Bannag, Ho ro Bannag - Fionn Tulach -
Syd Merle Broceliande Forest site -
Tara under threat –
The Dinador Serpent -
Elder - James Reid - Woven Wheat Whispers –
Intro music – Hills they are Hollow – Damh the Bard –
Making the Mead – Paul Newman –

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Thanks for bringing that to my attention Charlotte. We recently updated our website and that link seems to have disappeared. I\\\'ll get it added in the next few days.

over sixteen years ago

Does Little Raven have a site or any further information on the Brythonic Reconstructionism he was speaking about?

almost seventeen years ago

When and where can I download the interview which couldn\\\'t be fitted in?

sixteen and a half years ago

Thankyou for networking the Dinedor Sacredserpent Path ( on latest news isn\\\\\\\'t encouraging and more militant action may be needed this winter. I shall be in Hereford 10-19th Nov and would welcome any dowsers to join me on site. ....RM France

sixteen and a half years ago

Hi, I\\\'ve had a look on the OBOD website recently and can\\\'t find the interview with Geo Travarthen, is it there yet?