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Jan 20, 2010

Shownotes for DruidCast 34
Plains of Annwn - Liath Hollins -
Oh Mother - Sunshine’s Daughter
Interview with Brian Bates - Brian's Facebook page
Follow the Drum - The Dolmen -
DruidCast theme - Hills they are Hollow - Damh the Bard -
For further information on the Druid tradition -

Some Druid/Spiritual blogs: Do email your favourite blogs to!
Philip Carr-Gomm -
The Wild hunt -
Damh the Bard -
Kevan Manwarring -
John Michael Greer -
Kit Berry -
Wildest Branch -

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twelve and a half years ago

I loved the song Oh Mother. Where can I get it?

twelve and a half years ago

Really enjoyed the lengthy interview with Brian Bates - such a treat, thank you Dave! Have been meaning reading to read Way of Wyrd for years, so I think its about time I did just that.....