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Aug 20, 2009

Shownotes for DruidCast Episode 29 - Music Special 2009
My Love is a Mountain - Seize the Day -
Sweet England - Kate Fletcher -
Water - A. Avey & Dave the Flute -
Circle of Stone - Laura Powers -
Dil Gaya - Omina -
Witches Woe - The Dolmen -
Corryvreckan - Scott Jasper & Susan Garlick -
Bucketful of Mountain Dew - Poitin -
Earth Wassail - Spiral Dance -
Cad Goddeu - Robin Williamson -
Hymn to Herne - S J Tucker -
Hills they are Hollow - Damh the Bard -
Making the Mead - Paul Newman -
For more information about the Druid tradition -

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scurvy dog
almost thirteen years ago

There a good bunch of kids...and well Toss them a bone. They are looking for druids for there podcast to sit in on an episode and do some presentation and QnA
BTW I love the podcast.

over thirteen years ago

As I was telling you on Twitter. I love your DruidCast. Great information and the music is grand. I want to play some of your music on my own podcast, but BTR insists on written permission. If you could email me your permission at the address I gave with this comment, that would be great. Gotta follow those rules! -Phil

over thirteen years ago

Loved the music special! Love all the Druidcasts, but you can\'t beat dancing around your kitchen while you are supposed to be cooking like I\'ve just been doing. That Dil Gaya by Omnia, man you would have to be dead not to dance to that song and maybe you\'d dance even then! :)